Spain Top 10

During my final hours at the Madrid airport I compiled a couple of fun Top 10 lists. I hope you enjoy them!

What I will not miss about Spain…

  1. Flat Pillows
  2. Lack of ice water
  3. Blow dryers that you have to hold a button the entire time
  4. Garbage trucks that come at 3am and have no concept of noise
  5. Quarter size shower doors that cause death traps of water when you exit the shower
  6. Slow Internet
  7. Cigarette smoke
  8. Going to bed after midnight every night
  9. Fried food
  10. Lack of salt and pepper on restaurant tables

What I will miss about Spain…

  1. Ice cream stores on every corner
  2. Public transportation (metro)
  3. Heat with no humidity
  4. History in architecture at every turn
  5. Outdoor dining
  6. Street performers
  7. Café cortado and nepolitanas
  8. Fresh potato chips as appetizers
  9. Being able to walk everywhere if needed
  10. Being able to practice a second language easily


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