¡Adelante! Ronda y Sevilla

Today we said goodbye to the ocean breeze of Málaga and said hello to a four hour bus ride inland to Sevilla. We twisted and turned through the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves and passed fields of girasoles or sunflowers, it was beautiful seas of yellow.

We drove for two hours before arriving in the small town of Ronda, a city situated in the mountaintops set dramatically above a deep gorge. There is a beautiful and unbelievably large puente that runs within the city that offered breathtaking views. I walked slowly to the edge each time to take a picture, terrified my phone would fall to its death below. The oldest bullfighting ring in Spain is also situated within the city of Ronda and was built in 1784.

Before boarding the bus we took a quick trip to the servicios and found that we needed to pay in order to use the restroom. Fortunately we were a school group and they allowed us to enter “gratis” or free. I did however ask the señora if I could have a ticket to take back and share with my students. I have never received a ticket when going to the bathroom! It was quite interesting!

Two hours later, around 2pm, we arrived to the city of Sevilla and dropped out luggage off quickly at Novotel. The kids were excited as this hotel is much bigger than our last and has accommodations much like you see in the states. We headed to lunch at Catalina Casa de Comidas and enjoyed Pinchos de langostino con queso y beicon, croquetas de pollo, patatas bravas, risoto de setas and chistorra. My favorite was the poncho de langostino con queso y beicon. I had never had anything like it and it was to die for rwith its sweet chile sauce!

We took the metro for the first time this trip and some kids rode the subway for. the first time. It was funny to hear them comment how packed it was when we have not even made it to Madrid! Students had about an hour of free time where some went shopping and others went swimming at the rooftop pool. I personally chose to shop because I love Spanish stores such as Zara, and found a cute red dress! We met back at the hotel to ride the metro more towards the city center for our “sorpresa” that the directors had organized for us.

A quick ride and stop at Puerta Jerez and we found ourselves among many horse drawn carriages! Our surprise was a trip around the city siteseeing in carriages!! How cool! The kids loved it and commented on the beauty of the city, park María Luisa and buildings. We stopped at Plaza de España, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American exposition of 1929. It currently serves as government offices. what was once to take some creative group photos and snap some of our own. It truly made me in awe of its grandeur. It appeared in the second Star Wars movie and also in Lawrence of Arabia.


Our horses trotted back to La Ceta for dinner at La Gorda de las Cetas at 9pm. This was the kids favorite meal yet in my opinion, as we feasted upon queso frito, pizza vegetariana, hamburguesas, huevos rotos (which were a huge hit), presa iberica and carilleras a vino tinto. We also got to watch the Spain vs. Turkey CopaAmerica game in the restaurant with other Spaniards which was a lot of fun for the kids to experience. Spain won 3-0! ¡Olé!

We took a walk home along the río and enjoyed seeing la gente on the streets and cafés on a Friday night. The kids talk about how safe it feels here in Spain and it really does. How often would you walk a street downtown in Cincinnati at 11pm?

We arrived back to the hotel 11:30pm and students were spending some time together before bedtime. Tomorrow we visit the Cathedral and El Alcázar. I’m not sure if the kids realize the beauty they are about to witness! ¡Buenas noches!

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