¡Viajamos! CVG -> AGP

On Tuesday we all met at CVG airport to leave for Spain. Finally, after all these months! The check in process could not have been easier and all of the students completed it on their own! Before we said adiós to the padres, we obviously needed to get a group shot!

About half of the group got TSA pre-checked while myself and four of the girls had to go through old school security. I thought I had done everything right until my bag got pulled off to the side. I had no idea you had to set a laptop all by itself when having it go through security as it was my first time traveling with one! Note to self for the future.

About two hours of waiting in the airport and our flight left on time for JFK!

Upon arrival in JFK, it felt like we walked miles to get to our gate. We had a five hour layover so we weren’t in a huge hurry any way. Here the kids started to get to know each other with playing cards (kemps and euchre), heading to grab food (Panda Express was the favorite) and just relaxing. I was impressed how many of them brought their summer reading to do!  It is always fun to see them get to know one another.

Around 8pm, the 8th graders from Denver, Colorado arrived. It really made me miss all of my 8th graders and wished every one of them was on the trip with me. We boarded our flight and left for Málaga at 10:30pm with a 7 hour and 24 minute flight ahead.

We were all excited to see the monitors in the back of every seat that we could watch TV, movies, play games and listen to music. I had the tough decision of choosing between Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3. Zootopia was the winner and entertained me for two hours of the flight! The sloth had me laughing out loud a couple of times during the flight.

We got to choose between chicken or pasta for dinner and anyone who knows me knows that I choose the chicken. It was an interesting mix of food but I was so hungry I would have eaten anything!

After dinner, I attempted to sleep. Notice I said attempted. Silly me left my essential oil I purchased as well as my melatonin in my carry on and I was too worried about waking up the baby and toddler sitting in front of us to get it. I got about 1.5 hours of sleep on the flight, about the same as last year. Many of the students were uncomfortable as well as it was their first time on a long flight. Heads were leaned on one another, eyes were fixated on the monitors and we played Trivia Pursuit between the seats to pass the time.

About an hour before landing we received a small breakfast treat and watched out the window as we flew over Spain. The landing was a little jumpy for my liking and it left my stomach a bit queasy. Our group passed through security with ease and some of the kids got their first stamp on their passport! How exciting! All luggage arrived safely and we were anxious to get into the fresh air in Spain!

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