¡Vamos a la playa en Nerja!

We awoke refreshed on Thursday and ready to start our trek to the beautiful Playa Burrina beach in Nerja!

We ate breakfast at a cute cafetería called La Antigua around the corner from the hotel and students could order whatever they desired off of the menu! Many chose zumo de naranja natural or café con leche for their bebida and pitujos, bread with tomato spread a popular choice. I could not wait to be reunited with nepolitanas, crossaints filled with chocolate. After I gave the kids a taste, many decided they had developed the same love for the pastry. I can’t wait to have another tomorrow morning.

We boarded the bus for an hour ride to the Cueva de Nerja. The cave was discovered by five small boys out playing in 1959 and is magnificent. We traveled from “sala” to sala admiring the stalactitas and stalacmitas. We learned that flash creates a green algae on the rocks and that we were also in the midst of the Guiness book of World Records largest column formation. We also were taught the phrase “caca de murciélago” and that a stalactite grows 1cm every 100 years. These were HUGE as they had been there thousands of years. It was incredible and some kids had never seen a cave before. I have always loved science so I enjoyed this excursion very much!

Climbing out of the Cueva we were all out of breath and thighs were burning once again! I took over 18,000 steps and climbed 12 floors today! Whew!

We headed down the twisty roads filled with roundabouts to the beach town of Nerja. We passed avocado groves covering the mountainsides and learned that rhe majority of people make their living by farming avocados and oranges in this part of the country. It has to be one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. White houses sitting on the mountainsides like you see on postcards!

We quickly learned how cold the Mediterranean Sea is (I mean freezing cold) but kids were adventurous and dove in! They played soccer and volleyball on the beach and others of us enjoyed laying on our towels with the ocean breeze blowing strong. Weather again was perfection.

A group of our girls approached a group of Spaniards ladies and spent much of the afternoon with them chatting in a circle on the beach. What a cool site to see as their teacher. A true interest in learning about the culture and practicing the language!

Lunch was about as Spanish as you can get. A huge paella of shrimp, clams and chicken prepared on the beach. It was the biggest paella pan I ever ever seen and the food was delicious. We had one of the longest lunch tables I had ever seen and I got a chance to know some of the students from Denver which reminded of my own in Mason. We laughed, feasted and enjoyed the Spanish lifestyle. It’s been so nice with limited wifi, the kids had barely been on their phones. They have all been making comments about how it’s nice to just enjoy the long meals and talk to those around them versus being on Snapchat nonstop.

We passed about another hour on the beach before heading home. As we walked to the bus we passed the many restaurants and bars along the boardwalk filled with vacationing Brits glued to the TVs while sipping their favorite libation in the chringuitos. England was playing Wales in the Copa America and the crowd roared and sirens sounded as British goals were scored. The kids had fun being a part of that atmosphere.



We arrived back to Málaga in about 40 minutes where some decided to nap, others shopped and a Mason group went to the Ferris wheel for a different view of the city. We regrouped to head to our dinner reservation at 9pm.

We arrived at Taberna del Siglo and ate patatas bravas, ensalada rusa, croquetas, chorizo, albondigas, calamares, queso manchego, lágrimas del pollo and más Fanta to drink! We also got to watch a man slice ham right off the leg as we ate. Pablo said they go to formal schooling to learn how to slice it just right and that .2lbs costs around $18 euros. Wow!

We finished the night with another group ice cream stop after listening to Spaniards sing Sweet Home Alabama in the streets and seeing a Mexican mariachi band perform. It was a memorable day of sunshine, friendship and good food!


Tomorrow we head to Ronda en route to Sevilla. I can’t wait!

Here are some other random pictures from the day that excited me!

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